Sarasota County Florida

Sarasota FL County courthouseThe Sarasota County Sustainable Economic Development Strategy embraces three trends that give Sarasota County a strategic advantage:

1. Location-neutral entrepreneurs, managers, and workforce.

2.  50 to 80 year old second/third career “Neveretirees.”

3.  The emerging Sustainable Economy, including Clean Tech Businesses, Green Businesses, and Eco-Smart Development.

By embracing these trends, the Sarasota County Sustainable Economic Development Strategy is designed to assist Sarasota  County to become a sub-tropical paradise with a vibrant diversified economy that is based on Clean Tech/Green Businesses and Eco-Smart Development and that is powered by Neveretirees and other location-neutral entrepreneurs who value/contribute to the environment and the quality of life in the County.

That is, Sarasota County can find “Prosperity in Paradise.”

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