Portland Oregon

Portland Oregon has a long history of action based on an integration of environmental and economic values.  Recently Portland has taken the next step in building a green economy by launching a Climate Prosperity Initiative.


The Climate Prosperity Initiative is based on clear vision:

  1. We can simultaneously grow the economy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
  2. We can develop a new economic engine for the region that takes advantage of our long history as environmental innovators.
  3. The region is not guaranteed a leadership position in the fast‐moving global green economy unless it invests in and organizes itself for success.


The Climate Prosperity priorities include to:

  • Expand green finance project.
  • Accelerate energy efficiency and clean energy deployment.
  • Commercialize Green Technologies.
  • Cultivate and expand the Clean Tech Cluster.
  • Cultivate Sustainable Forestry and Agriculture.
  • Develop pipeline of Green Talent.
  • Institutionalize, measure progress, brand region

Workshop on Jobs and The Climate – Portland Oregon 6.20.12

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