SED Network  profiles places that are undertaking Sustainable Economic Development Strategies. Profiles take the form of a very brief characterization of the particular Strategy with a link to a more detailed Power Point.

Five places – San Jose California, San Antonio Texas, the State of Delaware, Portland Oregon, and Sarasota County Florida – are examples of the growing number of cities and regions to undertake Sustainable Economic Development Strategies.

They were all featured at the first international conference addressing Sustainable Economic Development, Planning for Sustainable Economic Development Across the Americas, which took place in Curitiba Brazil in June 2011.  

The Curitiba conference was: sponsored by Energy and Climate Partnership of the Americas; hosted by the city of Curitiba and the Commercial Association of Parana; and co-organized by Global Urban Development (GUD), the American Planning Association, the city of Curitiba, and the U.S. State Department.

Brief descriptions of the Sustainable Economic Development Strategies offour U.S. locations that were featured at the Curitiba conference are included below, followed by the Power Points from their presentations.

San Jose/Silicon Valley

San Antonio Texas

Portland, Oregon


GUD recently completed a consultation with Sarasota County Florida to produce a Sustainable Economic Development Strategy, funded by a grant from the U.S. Department of Energy.

Sarasota County Florida