Sustainable Systems collaborates with values aligned, compatible initiatives, businesses and not-for-profit clients by helping them expand their impact and tell their stories more effectively. And, Sustainable Systems makes its uniquely cost and results effective digital marketing services available to select technology companies.

Sustainable Systems will assemble uniquely appropriate teams from its wide network of associates to provide the services its clients need. Current Sustainable Systems clients include:

  • Encourages the East Bay to become a Smart Region with Gigabit Broadband.
  • Helps bridge the digital divide by partnering with Tech Exchange to provide many thousands of low-income families, each year, with free computers, digital literacy training, tech support, and very low-cost Broadband subscriptions.
  • Contributes to a tech eco-system that incorporates diversity, inclusion, and equity in its DNA, through co-founding the Tech Equity Collaborative.

An organization that has established an impressive track record making Digital Inclusion real through its Tech For All program, which helps bridge the digital divide by providing thousands of low-income families with the devices, the training, the tech support, and the connections necessary for their digital literacy and empowerment.

Farming Hope is a not-for-profit community organization providing transitional employment and training in the culinary industry to unhoused and low-income people with a vision is to transform lives and rebuild communities through a just food system, empowering and employing participants dignified jobs in gardening and cooking. Farming Hope provides delicious breakfast, lunch, and brunch meals at Manny’s in San Francisco.

REV® provides education and tools that integrate the sustainability best practices with behavior change to develop Sustainability Action Plans that help for-profit companies, not-for-profit organizations, and public agencies save: substantial amounts of money, energy and water; reduce significant amounts of waste and greenhouse gas emissions; and improve employee and customer loyalty.