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Sustainable Systems

Putting the Craft of Business in the Service of Economic, Social, and Ecological Justice

Sustainable Systems has three specialties:

  1. Building initiatives to accomplish triple bottom line investment and sustainable economic development
  2. Assisting socially responsible businesses to accelerate their growth and their impact
  3. Collaborating with organizations pursuing social transformation to assist them to develop effective Digital Marketing Strategies

James Hurd Nixon is Co-Founder and Principal of Sustainable Systems, a for-profit corporation specializing in regional initiatives, sustainable economic development, and web strategies. He is also President of Global Urban Development (GUD), an international not-for-profit specializing in Metropolitan Economic Strategies leading to sustainable innovation and inclusive prosperity.

James Hurd NixonHe is Lead Consultant for the East Bay Broadband Consortium (EBBC), a regional initiative to formulate and implement a Broadband strategy to acquire 21st Century Broadband infrastructure and to bridge the digital divide in Alameda, Contra Costa, and Solano Counties in California.

He is Vice President of the Alliance for Community Development, a not-for-profit corporation that sponsors Bay Area Capital Connections and the Bay Area Equity Fund. He coordinates the website Planetary Philosophy.

Previously, he served as Lead Consultant to the Bay Area Council for the Bay Area Family of Funds, a $250 million Double Bottom Line Bay Area investment initiative, and Team Leader for the GUD Team that produced Prosperity in Paradise, a Sustainable Economic Development Strategy for Sarasota County Florida, and Lead Consultant to the Mayor’s Office in San Antonio for Mission Verde, San Antonio’s Sustainable Economic Development Strategy.

He co-coordinated three Building the Sustainable Economy conferences that brought together leaders of the Sustainable Development Movement and served for 12 years as Senior Vice President of Progressive Asset Management, the first full service broker/dealer specializing in socially responsible investment.

He is author or co-author of:

3 Forms of Capital

The sustainability revolution is based on the fundamental recognition that there are three forms of capital essential to the creation of genuine prosperity. In addition to economic capital (financial and manufactured), there are two other forms – natural and social.

The Four Greens

The Four Greens – Green Savings, Green Opportunities, Green Talent, and Green Places. Each of The Four Greens has a set of key elements associated with it.


The emergence of a sustainable economy will lead to significant changes in local, regional and state economic development strategies and practices. This shift represents a great opportunity for cities and regions that want to take advantage of it.

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